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Photo Anodized Aluminum Tags Label Outlet

 · Photo anodized aluminum asset tags are the best aluminum asset tag on the market providing unmatched durability and UV protection for superior indoor and outdoor use

Photo Anodized Aluminum Tags Label Outlet

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Aluminum Signs Tags and Plates Industrial Engraving AGE

Metal Photo Metal photo is a specialized type of photosensitive anodized aluminum designed to stand up to hard use and harsh environmental conditions After the aluminum is anodized text and images are actually sealed inside the metal

UID Labels How to buy UID labels in 5 steps and Comply

How to Buy a UID Label 1 Pick the right material for your conditions MIL STD 130 requires the UID label to last for the life of the asset it identifies So the UID label must withstand all conditions to which the asset is exposed

Anodized Aluminum Tags Color Options Metal Marker Mfg

Anodized embossed tags are often used for marking valves and pipes For example anodizing a tag for a steam trap valve makes it more resistant to water or steam Need your tags in a series of numbers or different info on each tag Anodized embossed tags are perfect for serialization Metal Tags Anodized Aluminum Tags Gold 500x480 jpg

Photo Anodizing Anodized Aluminum Nameplates

Photo Anodizing Aluminum Nameplates Labels In the photo anodizing process an image is exposed onto specially coated aluminum The aluminum is developed much like a piece of photographic film The aluminum sheet is then sealed which traps the image in the metal under an anodized layer The result is an extremely hard chemical and heat

Horizons ISG Products Materials

For over 50 years industrial and military engineers have specified Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum for durable nameplates barcode labels service schematics and control panels installed in harsh operating environments

Photo Anodized Aluminum Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum

Metalphoto® is photosensitive anodized aluminum that has a 20 year outdoor guarantee Also referred to as photo anodized aluminum Metalphoto has been the go to option for durable labels nameplates equipments panels and more for more than fifty years

AlumaJet Inkjet Printable Aluminum

AlumaJet is anodized aluminum that has been specially developed so that you may print brilliant full color high resolution images directly to the metal using standard ink jet printers

Photo Graphics Co Inc Metal Aluminum Nameplates Vinyl

Photo Graphics Co Inc was established in the early 1960 s and today remains a thriving nameplate and label manufacturing business specializing in short run product identification Located in Grandview Missouri a suburb of Kansas City we own and operate within a 10 000 sq ft facility

Aluminum UID Labels Photo Imaged Laser Etched Options

Photo anodized MIL STD 130 and STANAG 2290 Unique Identifier labels provide exceptional durability and resistance to the effects of heat cold abrasion chemicals and prolonged weather exposure The photographic image is sealed within the surface of the aluminum beneath the anodic layer of aluminum oxide providing years of service in the

Military Specification Nameplates Labels Decals

American Nameplate creates aluminum and stainless steel metal nameplates as well as polyester vinyl and foil decals labels For those working in and around aerospace you might find a vinyl label or even a plastic decal works better for your military aircraft ID labels can be etched or screen printed to meet your needs

Metalphoto Labels and Tags MPC

Metalphoto® Labels and Tags Proclaimed the Most Durable Foil and Rigid Labels Available MPC s Metalphoto Labels and Tags are our most durable and popular solution for labels and tags with graphics sealed beneath a sapphire hard anodic layer creating an impenetrable surface

Self Debossing Aluminum Labels SKU LQ 3010

The most affordable option has a glossy finish Labels are surface printed and the print is not as durable as the Anodized option Anodized A superior option for extended use This material option offers much better and deeper debossability Traditional kitchen aluminum foil is also annealed a feature created through a heat process

Aluminum ImageTek Labels

Photo Etched Anodized Aluminum Labels Our photo etched aluminum labels are meant to solve hard to handle applications where pressure sensitive or riveted solutions are needed to survive severe abrasion and harsh environments Once applied these labels will last 20 years in outdoor exposure

MetalPhoto® Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum Tags from

 · MetalPhoto® Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum Tags from Brady Or is it time to step to the rugged and reliable MetalPhoto® Anodized Aluminum tags and labels HOW TO TRANSFER A PHOTO ONTO

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates Photo Anodized Aluminum Labels

The durability is from the fact that the Photo Anodized Aluminum process imbeds the image within a sapphire hard layer of anodized aluminum Photo Anodized Aluminum nameplates are considered the most durable aluminum substrate available with superior abrasion heat and sunlight resistance

Metalphoto® Anodized Aluminum Tags Labels and

With Metalphoto® plates your image is sealed inside the hard anodized aluminum to provide superior resistance against corrosion UV damage chemical exposure and other extreme conditions Also known as photo etch or photo anodized plates Metalphoto® provides 20 year outdoor durability with minimal image degradation

Anodized Aluminum Labels SKU LQ 3008

Metal labels outlast abuse and weather Anodized Aluminum Labels have a high bond 3M adhesive Select either a gloss or matte finish Matte is recommended for barcode labels and is the most popular choice These are the same anodized labels specified by Navy ships Anodized aluminum has been proven to withstand salt spray sunlight and abrasion

Identification Tags Custom Metal ID Tags Metal Marker Mfg

Metal ID Tags for Equipment include MetalPhoto Photo Anodized Aluminum Embossed Nameplates with Raised Characters Stamped Tags with Indented Characters High Quality Identification Tags Nameplates Labels and Decals Delivered on Time at a Competitive Price

Met L Mark® Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags The Label Experts

Our metal asset tags are custom printed and have full color graphics barcoding or simple text options 798 – Met L Mark® – Exceptionally durable metal tags Near immune to abrasion chemicals weather exposure and temperature extremes Prints are photo embedded in the aluminum surface and sealed underneath an anodized oxide clear finish

Mil Spec Nameplates GG P 455B Photo Anodized Aluminum

Mil Spec s Our Nameplates Meet MetalWorks Etcetera LLC s anodized aluminum nameplates meet the following mil spec s government spec s and industrial specifications GG P 455B This specification covers the requirements for photosensitive anodized aluminum sheets and foils For purposes of this specification foils as referred to in the

Photosensitive anodized aluminum Wikipedia

Photo anodized aluminum asset tags are the best aluminum asset tag on the market providing unmatched durability and UV protection for superior indoor and outdoor use

Aluminum Tags Anodized Aluminum Tags Plates

Anodized Aluminum Tags Aluminum tags are the best choice when you need colored metal tags for color coding because aluminum can be anodized which is a process that allows the aluminum to be dyed with any color and then in a second step we seal the dye into the pores of the aluminum under a transparent sapphire hard oxidation layer that is not a coating but a permanent part of the aluminum

Aerospace Labels Photo Graphics Aerospace Nameplates

Photo Graphics Co Inc provides the aerospace industry with metal and non metal labels including labels made of aluminum vinyl polyester or polycarbonate Photo Graphics Co Inc ships custom aluminum nameplates and vinyl labels from the Kansas City MO area

Anodized Aluminum Tags Custom Labels Aluminum Stickers

MPC s Anodized Aluminum Labels Custom Aluminum Tags and Stickers are an ideal choice for manufacturers that require exceptional abrasion resistance tags and labels Graphics are sealed beneath an anodic layer that is impervious to weather with excellent resistance to abrasion corrosion chemicals and solvents

Photo Anodized aluminum UID labels Comply with MIL STD 130

EXPEDITER™ Photo Anodized Aluminum UID labels are made of Metalphoto® anodized aluminum Exceptional durability results from the process A black image is photographically reproduced on the matte aluminum surface The image is embedded within a sapphire hard anodized layer

Photo Anodized Aluminum Plates A2B Tracking Solutions

Photo Anodized Aluminum Plates Photo Anodized Aluminum Plates Metalphoto anodized aluminum IUID plates provide excellent durability and barcode readability making them the ideal choice for a wide range of Item Unique Identification IUID applications For flexible photo anodized aluminum labels black text and barcodes are reproduced on a matte

Metalphoto Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum

Metalphoto s archival silver halide based image is sealed inside of anodized aluminum making it readable after prolonged exposure to a variety of harsh operating conditions including weather sunlight heat abrasion chemicals and salt spray The benefit is fewer label nameplate sign or control panel replacements due to illegibility – that means guaranteed regulatory compliance asset

Custom Metal Photo Labels ID Nameplate Solutions

Photo Sensitive Metal Labels ID Plate Solutions Anodized aluminum sheet metal With photo sensitive metal labels and photo sensitive metal solutions we can create a variety of industrial and commercial products with true photographic quality We can even produce pictures on metal to create unique keepsakes and gifts


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