Fix Chat GPT Not Working Issue Now Perfect Trick Solution

Chat GPT Not Working Issue: Are you looking for the chat GPT, not working issues or not able to login to open AI online web portal, Yes.!!! then you are on the right page for quick solutions, those who are looking for quick solutions for the Chat GPT issues fixing, follow the below important information in order to fix the Chat GPT issues.

Most of the users are facing “Chat GPT is not loading or Not able to sign in by using Google or Microsoft logins (authentication)” and other issues like “Capacity issues” or “Not working issues”. Hence, If you face the same, then follow the below instructions;

Chat GPT Latest News

1. Most of the errors are rising due to “Server Peak” / Slow response.
2. Quick response needs high bandwidth of server and less cache.
3. Capacity issues.
4. Social Logins are not able to pass the authentication.
5. Manual login verification failed.

Chat GPT Not Working Issue

Solutions – 1:

Before using the Chat GPT, users must and should clear the “Cache” from their systems (Like say; Laptop or desktop or mobile cache or tablet).

As we known that, Chat GPT can access any devices like;

  • Mobile Devices (Both iOS & Android platforms).
  • Laptop.
  • Desktop system,
  • Tablet

Once the cache and history os cleared then browse the Chat GPT and check working status.


  • Short answers with brief and meaning ful answers.
  • Less size of text is paired with quick solutions.
  • Huge database is available, which works without internet.


  • Short of text content.
  • No Image and video results are available.
  • Database is updated til 2021 year only.
  • After 2021 data is not available.

Solutions 2:

Use the social logins for;

  • Google (Gmail) login authentication.
  • Microsoft (Outlook Live) authentication.
  • Use high speed Internet.

ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now

If you see the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error, which is produced due to unavailability in certain states of India and some countries.

Want to check the “When Chat GPT is back”? then fill out the available application form.

Chat GPT error reporting link

Chat GPT Not Loading

  • Users have to follow the official link
  • Once the GPT is open, then click on the “Signup” option, by using the manual Email ID or social login authentication.
  • Once login is successfully login / completed then Chat GPT is ready to use the account.
  • Make sure that, user should have high speed internet then GPT will work flawless.

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